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Transmission Hyperspace Multi-objective Joint Optimization Technologies for Efficient Utilization of the RF Spectrum

Transmission Hyperspace™

ANDRO developed and demonstrated innovative concepts for spectrum management that enabled the effective and efficient joint utilization of all orthogonal electromagnetic transmission resources, including, but not limited to, time, frequency, geographic space, power control, modulation/code, beam direction and polarization. This multi-dimensional environment is referred to as the Transmission Hyperspace, a term intended to convey the notion of a multi-dimensional resource space (with n degrees of freedom) in which each dimension allows orthogonality amongst users.

This research is aimed at developing approaches that consider the multi-dimensional nature of the transmission space, the results of which are expected to garner several orders of magnitude improvement in RF resource utilization and therefore, aggregate information throughput. The research is investigating the exploiting optimization and orthogonality schemes that allow for multiple users while minimizing interference. These include considerations for time slicing, frequency division multiplexing, directional antenna arrays, spread spectrum codes, and polarization. Joint optimization of the multiple orthogonalizing transmission parameters can show that no two users are transmitting at the same time, even though they may be using the same frequency in the same space with the same exact spread spectrum code. Similar illustrations can be given in the case of a spatially orthogonalized system in terms of transmit beam patterns that do not overlap and cross-polarized waves in ideal cases.

The research is also exploiting joint time-frequency transforms and waveform diversity technologies in the context of software defined radio (SDR) operation. This work is being performed under an SBIR contract for the Air Force and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD).

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