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Sensor Systems

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Electromagnetic Simulation

Transmission Cyberspace™

ANDRO leverages technologies from the AMC, CyberSE, and X-Layer programs to devise a software architecture to mitigate MANET intrusions.

Transmission Hyperspace™

Optimizing the RF spectrum to efficiently utilize a mixture of electromagnetic transmission resources including frequency, time, geography, power, modulation, and beam direction.

Towards Maximal Spectral-Efficiency Networking

Implementing unique transmitter signatures onto Software Defined Radios to improve spectral efficiency in hostile environments.

Rifleman Radio (

Automatic Modulation Classification (AMC)

Use a low-cost sensor network to resolve modulation types in weak RF environments.

Ground Air Communications (

Cyber-Domain Spectrum Exploitation (CyberSE)

Block attackers using RF at the physical layer using dynamic radio frequency management and control.

Dynamic Cross-Layer Routing (X-Layer)

Waveforms are designed to occupy the entire frequency spectrum without interference to primary or secondary users.

Radar Data Fusion and Registration (DataFusR)

Collect, process, and fuse info from multiple radars to form a Single Integrated Air Picture.

Spatial Multi-sensor Autonomous Registration Toolkit (SMART)

Automatic spatial alignment of SAR, EO/IR, MSI, and HIS data.

Wideband Comm Satellite (

Sensor Management (SENMAN)

Selecting and scheduling multiple geographically dispersed sensors to better allocate target tracking and discrimination resources.

Automated Target Characterization (ATC)

Optimally perform track hand-over between EO/IR sensors and weapon control sensors using feature aided classification.

Aegis Missile Defense ( SBX Radar (

Sensor Resource Management (SRM)

Optimally assign several heterogeneous sensors to tasks against ballistic missile attacks using reinforcement learning techniques.

Multiple Input Multiple Output Sensor Acquisition (MIMOSA)

Using MIMO technologies to collect, process, and fuse info from multiple widely spaced radars for accurate tracking.

Intelligent  Computational Electromagnetic Expert System (E3Expert)

Cosite analysis of electromagnetic environmental effects, interference, and compatibility.

High Power Microwave Failure Analysis (HPM Expert)

Modeling electromagnetic vulnerability and susceptibility to directed-energy HPM.

Improved Analysis Techniques for Prediction of Avionics EM Interference / Vulnerability (Integrated EMPro System)

Physics-based EMI/V analysis tools.

Electromagnetic Susceptibility Threshold Analysis Techniques by Estimation and Statistics (EMSTATES)

CEM tools to model EM characteristics of Naval systems.