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Selected Technical Publications




J. Jagannath, T. Melodia, "An Opportunistic Medium Access Control Protocol for Visible Light Ad Hoc Networks" in Proc. of International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC), Maui, Hawaii, USA, March 2018.

J. Jagannath, N. Polosky, D. O’Connor, L. Theagarajan, B. Sheaffer, S. Foulke, P. Varshney, “Artificial Neural Network based Automatic Modulation Classifier for Software Defined Radios,” IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Kansas City, MO, May 2018.


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J. Jagannath, T. Melodia, A. Drozd, "DRS: Distributed Deadline-Based Joint Routing and Spectrum Allocation for Tactical Ad-hoc Networks" in Proc. of IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), Washington D.C., USA, December 2016.

J. Jagannath, H. Saarinen, T. Woods, J. O’Brien, S. Furman, A. Drozd, T. Melodia, "COmBAT: Cross-layer Based Testbed with Analysis Tool Implemented Using Software Defined Radios,"in Proc. of IEEE Conf. on Military Communications (MILCOM), Baltimore, MD, USA, November 2016.


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L. Drozd, T. Arcuri, J. Jagannath, D. A. Pados, T. Melodia, E. Demirors, G. Sklivanitis "Network Throughput Improvement in Cognitive Networks by Joint Optimization of Spectrum Allocation and Cross-layer Routing," in NATO Symposium on "Cognitive Radio and Future Network " (IST-123), The Hauge, The Netherlands, May 2014.


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J. D. Norgard, R. L. Musselman, I. Kasperovich and A. L. Drozd, "Validation & Verification of CEM Field Prediction Techniques Compared to IR Images of EM Fields for Complex Systems," 28th Annual AMTA Meeting & Symposium, Austin, TX, 23-27 October 2006 (CD Digest).


A. Drozd, I. Kasperovich, C. Carroll, et. Al,  "Computational Electromagnetics Applied to Analyzing the Efficient Utilization of the RF Transmission Hyperspace," Proc. of the 2005 IEEE/ACES International Conference on Wireless Communications and Applied Computational Electromagnetics, Honolulu, Hawaii, 3- 7 April 2005 (CD- Digest).


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A. Drozd, "Recent Progress on the Application of the E3Expert Capability to Model and Simulate the RF Battlespace to Analyze Complex Platform-Antenna Coupling" Proceedings of the 2002 Electromagnetic Code Consortium (EMCC) Annual Review Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, 7-10 May 2002.


A. Drozd, C. Carroll, et. Al., "Modeling and Simulating Complex Digital Battlespace E3 Scenarios for Air/Ground Target Identification and Analysis of Multiple Platform-Antenna Structure CEM Scattering, Propagation and Coupling Interactions", Proceedings of the 2001 Electromagnetic Code Consortium (EMCC) Annual Review Meeting, Kauia, Hawaii, 29-31 May 2001.


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A. Drozd and V. Choo, "Artificial Intelligence/Expert System (AI/ES) Pre-Processor for Computational Electromagnetics (CEM)" Technical Report RL-TR-96-94 for the US Air Force Rome Laboratory, Air Force Materiel Command, July 1996.


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