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Multiple Input Multiple Output Sensor Acquisition (MIMOSA)

The Multiple Input Multiple Output Sensor Acquisition (MIMOSA) project will apply MIMO technologies, originally designed for radio communications applications, to the ballistic missile defense challenge in ever increasingly realistic scenarios. In MIMOSA Phase I the MIMO concept was successfully demonstrated for detecting and tracking a single target in two dimensions using spatial diversity. In Phase II the algorithms will be extended to target detection and tracking in three dimensions. Comparative analysis will be performed for non-coherent, semi-coherent and coherent MIMO radar systems. Algorithms will then be adapted for detecting and tracking of multiple targets.

The MIMOSA objective is to collect, process, and fuse information in real time from multiple radars that are widely distributed spatially (spatial diversity) and which operate with different frequencies or waveforms (frequency and waveform diversity). This synergistic MIMO-based approach promises to provide a more accurate picture of the adversary threat cloud than any single sensor or group of co-located sensors operating independently can offer.

The MIMO methodology will be enhanced to include Doppler estimation and feature extraction for radars operating with different frequencies and waveforms. The goal of the MIMOSA project is to demonstrate three dimensional feature-aided detection and tracking of multiple targets in the presence of decoys and clutter.  

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