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Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E³Expert)

Research & Development in Electromagnetic Environment Effects (E³) Technologies

Application of AI/Expert Systems to E³ Modeling and Simulation E³Expert for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Modeling of Complex Systems and Co-site Analysis of Multi-spectral (RF Communications and Radar) Systems/Environments


E³Expert, developed for the Air Force and Navy under Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract, is ANDRO's premier AI/expert system based computer tool that is used to predict intrasystem or co-site electromagnetic interference/compatibility (EMI/C) for onboard systems (consisting of antennas, wire cables, and equipment).It can also be used to analysis intersystem or mutual electromagnetic coupling between external or offboard sensor systems. The tool computes the electromagnetic coupling between distributed aerospace, land, and marine systems deployed within the RF battlespace volume. This involves physical layer  modeling of reconfigurable systems of systems  scenarios. At this layer, E³Expert models individual radars, communications assets and information systems as nodes. The nodes are then analyzed to compute mutual electromagnetic coupling interactions as well as calculate the susceptibility/vulnerability response of the nodes to cumulative incident energies from external sources. One of the relevant E³ concerns is the effect of radar jamming sources on communications systems and grids for assured RF communications, information systems and network integrity, and tactical information warfare.

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